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There are many different definitions of sustainable tourism, responsible or eco-tourism that have been developed. There are mainly about making those simple choices which help lessen our negative impact on the surrounding environment.


Below you will find my commitments, and few steps to make your stay with us more eco-friendly.


Individuals need to make radical changes to the way they travel, book accommodation and save/conserve energy, in order to keep Koh Samui an environmentally sustainable holiday destination for the future.

In my house, thanks to the insulation, thanks to the ventilation on both sides allowing air circulation (with mosquito nets for your safety), thanks to the latest generation equipment (air conditioning, fans...) and low consumption equipment (leds...), electric expenses are very well controlled.

In the garden, more than tropical trees, they are fruit trees, aromatic plants, vegetables that I'm pleased to share when possible,


Sustainable tourism helps reduce the negative impacts of mass tourism on local populations and the environment. 

Wood art carved on the walls, rice box handcrafted lamps, wooden screen on the terrace, waxed concrete wall and furnitures (sofa, dressing, desks, bathrooms), outdoor wood furniture specially made by local craftsmen carpenters, unique handmade cushions and curtains, are all Thai decorations especially made for this villa to support the local economy, they do not come from store.

For my part, I promise :

  • To employ local staff and use locally sourced products as much as possible. To buy local and help support the local economy. The decoration is carried out 100% by local artisans or purchased on a short circuit and in Thailand.

  • To assist the surrounding local community and help preserve the environment.

  • To volunteer some of my time with local environment conservation initiatives.

  • To help contribute to the overall sustainability of the local community that surrounds.

  • To compost my green waste in the garden and to provide my guest with special bin for this.

  • To feed a 100% organic garden and to share it with my guests (fruits, aromatic plants ...).

  • To collect part of the rainwater.

  • To promote recycling and use large containers and reuse the small ones (shower gel 🚿, shampoo, cleaning products ...).

  • To use natural products for cleaning of the house whenever possible (white vinegar, baking soda ...).

  • To propose an effective natural ventilation thanks to mosquito nets on both sides of each bedroom and bathroom.

  • To provide the latest generation and low consumption equipment to reduce the expenses of electricity.



Sustainable tourism at Baan Sawadee villa


Please allow us to suggest few steps to make your stay with us more eco-friendly:


  • Kindly use the fan instead of air-conditioning whenever possible. Air conditioning sends back heat that is harmful to the planet and consumes much more electricity.

  • We encourage you to eat local food at small local restaurant that uses locally grown vegetables and locally caught fish instead of imported supplies.

  • Please recycle ♻ plastic bags  and reuse them as garbage bags 🚮.

  • Whenever possible, please reduce the duration of your showers = water is not inexhaustible on the island which can also save electricity, as the water pump is powered by electricity.

  • Please use the large 18 l drinking water bottle supplied (refillable for only 20THB) instead of small nonrefillable water bottles.

  • Kindly turn off light, fan and air-conditioning whenever you leave the room. Also please turn off TV screens rather than leaving them on standby.

  • Please use reusable plates, glasses or cups instead of buying disposable supplies.

  • Reusable bags are provided in the villa to avoid plastic bags in supermarkets or grocery stores, please feel free to use them.

  • Please place plastic, empty water bottles and glass waste in a separate bag to help the staff collects plastic and glass for recycling and also to earn a little bit of money for themselves.

  • If possible, please use the handheld toilet bidet sprayer instead of toilet paper. Please throw toilet paper in the trash.

  • Please help us create organic compost by sorting green waste from fruits and vegetables in the special bucket provided.

  • Please help to keep this paradise clean by not leaving any waste or cigarette butts on the beach or in nature and place them in the dedicated bin.

  • Please leave shells and sand on the beach 🦀

  • Don’t disrespect local traditions and customs.

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